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Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Ketamine was originally developed as a powerful anesthetic in the early 1960s. When administered as low dose infusions, recent studies have shown Ketamine's ability to provide relief and hope to those who suffer from treatment resistant depression, anxiety, chronic pain, PTSD, addiction, and more . The discovery of Ketamine use for resistant treatment mood disorders might be the most important breakthrough treatment in decades. Ketamine Infusions are rapid acting and can begin to provide relief within hours of the first infusion.   

Innovative Services for Hope & Relief

Here at Revive Ketamine Centers, we offer Ketamine Infusion Therapy, plus other wellness services including NAD in a relaxing and private setting. Since each client is unique, at Revive Ketamine Centers you can be assured that our expert team will work together to provide you with personalized care from beginning to end.


Ketamine + Magnesium

Ketamine + Magnesium is a combination method we use at Revive Ketamine Centers. All of our ketamine infusions include magnesium at no extra cost. 

After research and trials we have found that patients suffering from mood disorders or chronic pain benefit greatly as a result of the positive interaction between the mineral magnesium and ketamine.  


Ketamine + Magnesium complement each other thus, providing greater results. This is because similar to ketamine, magnesium also works to support healthy brain function. Magnesium helps control brain activity, supports neural connections, and works as an anti-inflammatory, which all support both mental health and function. Combined with Ketamine the positive response becomes 


Therefore we believe combining Ketamine + Magnesium results in a synergistic interaction. 

Ketamine + Taurine injections may possibly be one of the simplest yet most beneficial way to support your mental health between your Ketamine Booster Infusions. 


Taurine is an amino acid that has been shown to have many mental health benefits for those suffering from anxiety and depression. Taurine studies have shown some of these benefits to include the growth of new brain cells, rejuvenation of damaged brain cells, improved depressive-like behaviors, and more.


Why do we recommend Taurine Injections between Ketamine Boosters?


One of the greatest benefits of Taurine include its ability to extend the life of new neuron growth in the brain. Since Ketamine helps build new neurons, which essentially help our brain process and communicate feelings and information more effectively. Then Taurine’s ability to preserve neuron life ultimately increases the lasting effects of Ketamine.





To find out if you are a candidate for ketamine infusions or any of our other wellness services complete the brief form below, and get ready to start your journey toward a happy and healthy life!

Ketamine + Taurine

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Ketamine Infusion Therapy
Ketamine + Magnesium
Ketamine + Taurine
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Mood Disorders

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • PTSD

  • Bipolar

Struggling to find relief, Ketamine could be the answer you've been looking for. With a quick response time and minimal side effects Ketamine is a great alternative and gives hope to patients who haven't got relief from traditional medicines and therapies.


How is works: Overtime factors such as stress, trauma, and depression can actually cause damage in the brain impacting the way the brain cells communicate and function. Research shows ketamine actually helps regenerate those damaged nerve cells, resulting in relief for weeks or even months. Furthermore Ketamine blocks NMDA receptors which regulate mood and memory formation.


One Ketamine study done by Yale University demonstrated a 70% success rate for depression. While Oral antidepressants typically have a success rate of only40-45%

Chronic Pain

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

  • Cancer Pain

  • Neuropathic Pain

  • Migraines

  • Nerve & back pain


If your suffering from chronic pain you're not alone.Chronic pain can be debilitating. Ketamine has been shown to deliver relief for many battling daily chronic pain.


How it works: Ketamine has analgesic (pain relieving) effects. It works by blocking specific receptors pain in the brain. Ketamine has also been shown to have anti inflammatory properties further aiding in pain relief.


Opioid Alternative: Often times ketamine has shown to produce longer lasting relief with less side effects than other forms of pain management and opioid medication. Thus, ketamine can help get your life back and give your more time and freedom to get back to doing the things you love.  


Addiction is a disease that can ravage your life. Fortunatley, clinical studies show promising effects in the ability to help overcome substance abuse & addiction. 

How it works: Studies suggest that Ketamine infusions may change how your brain deals with cravings by blocking the NMDA receptors that are responsible for memory formation, therefore reducing the positive association the brain makes with substance use. Thus, eliminating the need or want for alcohol or other abused substances.

In addition, pairing Ketamine with NAD+ infusions can help further reduce cravings and reduce common withdrawal symptoms. 

Let us help create a plan that's right for you and get you on the road to recovery. 

For more info on NAD+ and other nutrient IVs and Injections that we offer please visit

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Who We Are?





Patient comfort & safety is our top priority. Ketamines history and use as an anesthetic, is the exact reason why we believe a CRNA is the best and most knowledgeable provider to train and support our staff here at Revive Ketamine Centers. CRNAs are licensed to manage both acute & chronic pain, administer and monitor ketamine infusions, and safely manage any associated side effects or complications. Our CRNA has partnered with our Nurse Practitioners to ensure they have the required training and experience to safely administer Ketamine at patient specific doses to meet each individuals needs safely and effectively. 



Dariane Newby &

Dr. Josh Newby


Dr. Josh Newby was born and raised in Florida where he completed his CRNA at The University of North Florida. After completing his CRNA, he moved to Georgia with his wife and 3 children. Since his time in Georgia he created North Georgia Anesthesia Associates and has worked as an anesthesia provider at Meadows Surgical Arts. 

In Addition he currently finished his Doctorate, and has fulfilled his dream to open an Ketamine Center & IV Lounge. In 2020, Revive IV Lounge was created by Josh and his wife, Dariane. Here Josh has been able to focus his time on learning and implementing different types of wellness therapies to improve ones overall mental & physical health and wellbeing.

In Josh's spare time he enjoys fishing, running, boating, camping, and playing soccer. Josh's true passion for medicine, nutrition, & helping people is undeniable and shows in his quality of care. 

Who We Are?

Success Stories

Real Success, Real Clients, Real Stories


“Yesterday was actually the first day I didn't have suicidal thoughts in over 2 weeks. I was able to get up, get dressed, go for a run, and do normal things for once”

“I feel amazing, Im able to look at things that used to stress me out with a new perspective. I no longer feel like I need to turn to alcohol to manage my stress”

“My anxiety is so bad I just know now that Ketamine is what I have to do in order to live a happy more peaceful life”

“After my fourth infusion I took my kids to the park and for the first time in over a year I felt well enough to play with my three boys, we had such a good time. Normally I wouldn't have had the power or energy to get up and go”

Success Stories

Lamar Odom explains how Ketamine Infusions help him on the road to recovery

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Know The Facts





Q. Is Ketamine right for me?

A. Ketamine infusions should not be considered for the initial treatment for psychiatric disorders or chronic pain management. Ketamine infusions should only be considered after failure of standard treatment. We recommend discussing ketamine infusions with your current healthcare provider, and for further questions and a health assessment you can contact us directly at #470-389-5400. 


Q. How is Ketamine administered?

A. Ketamine is administered intravenously through an IV pump.

Q. Do I need a doctors referral?

A. We do require a doctors referral from any mental health professional or physician prior to starting ketamine therapy at our office. To download our referral now click here. Referrals may be either fax or emailed back to us. 


Q. How long does a ketamine infusion take?

A. Each infusion takes approx. 45 min.

Q. Will I be awake during my infusion?

A. You will remain completely conscious during your infusion. We provide a private and comfortable lounge where we recommend trying to relax as much as possible. Some people do doze off during their infusion which is ok too. 

Q. Can I eat or drink prior to my infusion?

A. Please avoid food 6 hours prior to your scheduled infusion. You may drink clear liquids up until 2 hours prior to your scheduled infusion. 


Q. How many infusions do I need?

A. Each case is unique. During your consultation we will make a specific recommendation based off your previous and current medical history. However, for most clients we recommend starting out with 6 infusion which are to be completed within a 2 week period. After that, single booster infusions are recommended for maintenance as needed. 

Q. How soon will I start to feel better?

A. One of the greatest advantages of ketamine is the rapid relief most people experience. Most of our clients begin to notice an improvement within hours of their first infusion. 


Q.How long will I experience relief?

A. Every person is unique, however we find most people get prolonged relief from their symptoms after a series of 6 infusions from anywhere between 1-3 months. Single Infusions tend to offer a shorter period of relief but are still a great benefit. 

Q.Who shouldn't get ketamine infusions?

A. Anyone with uncontrolled hypertension, history of or current psychosis, history of increased intracranial pressure, acute or unstable cardiovascular disease.

Q. Do I need to stop taking my medication before my infusions?

A. We do not recommend you to stop taking medications prior to your infusions. Most medications are safe to continue taking during your ketamine infusions. However some medications such as Xanax, Ativan, Klonopin, and Valium may decrease the effectiveness of Ketamine. 

Q. What are the side effects of Ketamine Infusions?

A. Some side effects include nausea, headache, dizziness, and drowsiness. Most side effects conclude shortly after your infusion is complete. If not please tell your provider. 

Q. Can I drive after my Ketamine Infusion?

A. We do not recommend driving for up to 24 hours after your infusion. Prior to treatment we ask that you make accommodations to have a driver bring you home after your infusion is complete. Failure to do so may result in you appointment being rescheduled and a cancellation fee. 

Q. Is Ketamine safe?

A. Most people think of Ketamine as a street drug, discrediting it from its potential medical benefits and its safety. However, low dose Ketamine has been considered relatively safe for use in a controlled environemnt, when administered by a experienced health professional. 


Financing Available 

Advance Care can help finance your Ketamine Infusion Therapy with cards that offer interest free, low interest rates, generous credit limits, no money down, no prepayment penalty and no annual fees.


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